Monday, January 31, 2011

Three bags - Three stories

                Here are my drawings of the three bags - heroes of the last week.

         No.1 The most important. Bag designed and sewed by my cousin, very talented girl. She's the person, who initiated me into fashion and she's always full of inspirations. 

         No.2 Inspired by this H&M bag. I fell in love with its simply but elegant form and colours.

         No.3 The newest D&G SS 2011 collection is just gorgeous! This bag enchanted me entirely.


sojourned in style said...

ooooo! these bags aree terrificallly (amazing synonym i cant think of right now) love the simplicty in the b&w one. the floral one is pretttyyyy

KC said...

wow!! great creation there. love the choice of fabric. please create the third design. i really love it. and if you'll be so generous, send me some love here and some bags. :D

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

what excellent illustrations!!!! I love the first one, green and pink are my favorite colors for this spring.

Maddalena said...

beautiful :D

Jen S. said...

I love your cute sketches!


BANMS said...

wow! Your cousin did great! Amazing bag she'd created :D
Love the D&G inspired bag :D <3 x

Sjaar said...

Cool you have drawn them. Their all pretty.

Claire and Vasia said...

Amazing sketches!!!!!We follow your blog and we would appreciate it if you follow us back :D

Thank you