Monday, August 23, 2010

Sometimes summer has a nice ending.

            Hi! It's gonna be very short post. Summer is ending (as you already know) and it's sad but I'm glad that my ending of summer won't be so bad after all. Why? Tomorrow I'm going to Bulgaria with my dance group "ZTL Sanok" (website) to the International Folklore Festival and I'll spend the last week of holidays there. Well, all I wanted to say is I won't be posting during next week (well... ok, maybe I also wanted to advertise my dance group a little bit).

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer is ending.

Dzisiejszy post jest zupełną odwrotnością postu z czerwca pod tytułem "Summer is coming". Wtedy wszystko było takie wspaniałe. Miałam przed sobą cudowną perspektywę rozpoczęcia wakacji. Niestety, teraz moje perspektywy zrobiły obrót o 180 stopni i wciąż zamęczają mnie myślami o początku roku szkolnego i tych wszystkich chłodnych, jesiennych, pracowitych dniach. Dlatego dziś przedstawiam Wam coś letniego - tak na pocieszenie.

Some of you may remember my post from June entitled "Summer is coming". I was so happy then. Thinking about the end of a school year and all these warm summer lazy days,  I just went absolutely ape! Unfortunately, everything is exactly the opposite right now. I'm constantly thinking about the beginning of a school year and all these chilly autumn busy days. It's really overwhelming. So I've decided to present you something summer today- to cheer myself up!

bag inspired by my cousin's one
all the rest are my designs

Friday, August 13, 2010

Shoe Lover

                   Because, come on, which girl doesn't love shoes?

all the things are my designs

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good old times.

I've been browsing my old sketches lately and I've found these:

They are about one year old but I think they are not so bad...
Btw, you may notice that in both pictures you can see the same skirt. I've made it! And here it is:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Inspired by Sienna Miller

          It's because of my cousin. She's a great fan of Sienna Miller and she showed me the dress Sienna has been wearing in some movie. I fell in love with a plain dress with patterned shoulders!
          Umm, so the heading should be: 'Inspired by the dress Sienna Miller has been wearing is some movie', but it doesn't sound great, does it?

all the things are my designs