Thursday, July 29, 2010



small woman . said...

Wcale się nie mylisz ;) Jest to bardzo przyjemne ;D
A co do postu... to fantastyczne szkice! ;)
new post - new inspirations < 3

Bisou Bisou ;);*

johanna said...

Ohh that chanel drawing is SOOOO pretty
Ohh did you like the look? Feel free to HYPE

nemee said...

these drawings are super pretty ! im in lovelovelove with the wedges , i've been going crazy over wedges lately .

Shaurie said...

oh wow!
very cute things ;)
Also I want to say thanks for
commenting and supporting
my blog, also its nice becuase we have somthing in common, drawing ;)
well cya then, Also on August 1st my photogrpahy and art blog will be opened.

nathalie said...

Your drawings are adorable!

Natasha xoxo said...

I love your designs :)

visit me sometime <3
Natasha @ twenty-something blog

Priska Araújo said...

Our beautiful designs that!
You doing?
I loved the lace is beautiful!

ellie said...

heyyy im ellie from thanks for the comments. If you wish we can add us to the blogroll reciprocally.


agata said...

strasznie ładne rysuneczki :)

Kasia_B said...

Jesteś niesamowita! Bardzo podobają mi się projekty z postów o Chopin'ie i z tego zatytułowanego "Girlie"!!


Federica F. said...

Really love it <3
If you want visit and follow:

Lady Moriarty said...

Wow, you're pretty skilled !

I love creative people and you're one of those, keep going like this !

See U !

elke said...

you're really good! great blog (:

ps. visit my blog sometime?

JoewardM said...

your drawings are so cute! :]

Gets said...

I love the shoes, most of all the maryjanes! But the earrings are the cutest. I would so love to have a chanel no. 5 in a earring, how awesome would that be! Gosh. Hahaha its such a cool idea. Imagine if Chanel really did that. I'm sure girls would be queuing up for it..

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! ((:


Simona said...

thank you so much for following me. I think you are actually pretty talented and I like your drawings so I follow you back :D and yeah, go zebras go!


Jonna said...

Amazing! I always love your drawings. Lately I've been thinking about drawing too, when I have time, I want to practise.. Would be nice to be able to design clothes. x

Not a Paper Cup said...

cool pics! :)

Noble Beeyotch said...

I love those striped heels with stars, So cute and creative!

Katjusha sleepless in Berlin said...

haha its so cute... it makes me smile:D


Beckerman Girls said...

THOSE LIL' BOAT earrings are soooooooooooo darling! They are bitesize boats! Great illustrations!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Alan Li said...

I like your drawings! I especially like the drawing of the drown lace-up booties:)

jezebell_6364 said...

you are very talented super cute drawings.